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Build LoRaWAN Gateway with Ci40 and iC880a

In this post I will show you how to setup an OpenWRT based LoRaWAN gateway with Ci40 and iC880a. It has a user-friedly interface to config parameters. #Hareware# IMST iC880a concentrator board Pigtail for antenna Ci40 Power Supply 2A with … Continue reading

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Meet /etc/preinit again

*/etc/preinit is the init program after Linux kernel booted. It is briefly introduced in OpenWRT/LEDE: System Boot Sequence. This time I will meet it again and dive into it to search some internals. As a reference, the code of preinit … Continue reading

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iC880A LoRaWAN Gateway with Ci40

with my lora-feed I am working on LuCi web interface to config the gateway. I will show it later.

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Semtech LoRa packages for OpenWRT/LEDE

This article is still under construction Recently I made a repo for latest Semtech Lora packages. link A donation of SX1301 gateway board is appreciate. With this I could do further development of UCI and Luci for Lora. References: 2. … Continue reading

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[Dissecting OpenWRT]#1: Preface

From today I would like to start a new series (挖坑) called “Dissecting OpenWRT” (深入浅出 OpenWRT). Unlike other tutorials about OpenWRT, this new series will try to dissect OpenWRT from a developer’s point of view. It will focus on the … Continue reading

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WPAN support for netifd

netifd is an RPC-capable daemon written in C for better access to kernel APIs with the ability to listen on netlink events. Netifd has replaced the old OpenWrt-network configuration scripts, the actual scripts that configured the network e.g., /lib/network/.sh /lib/netifd/proto/.sh … Continue reading

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OpenWRT/LEDE WiFi Statup Process

This article will briefly introduse the WiFi startup process of OpenWRT/LEDE system. The analysis will start from boot script which is located in /etc/initi.d/

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