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OpenWRT/LEDE WiFi Statup Process

This article will briefly introduse the WiFi startup process of OpenWRT/LEDE system. The analysis will start from boot script which is located in /etc/initi.d/

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[802.15.4 Linux] MCR20A Driver is Comming

The MCR20A expands the NXP® portfolio of wireless connectivity products by delivering a new generation of 2.4 GHz transceiver for the IEEE® 802.15.4 standard. The MCR20A provides a world-class link budget of 110 dB that ensures the longest range of … Continue reading

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[802.15.4 Linux] CC2420 driver

This is a deprecated cc2420 driver for Linux 802.15.4 and it is developed based on Imote2 platform. Because I do not have any Imote2 or cc2420 boards. I can not continue maintain this driver. Any Donation of cc2420 or Imote2 … Continue reading

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OpenOCD and ARMADA 388

Now I am playing a Clearfog Pro board and 802.11ac QCA9880 cards with OpenWRT trunk. The ClearFog Pro board is the first open development kit SBC based on Marvell’s ARMADA 388 SoC. It includes 1GB RAM and a variety of … Continue reading

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“New OpenWRT Series” #1: Setting up OpenWRT (Chaos Calmer) for Arduino Yún

The latest OpenWRT release (Chaos Calmer) has already there for a long time. It ships with Linux kernel version 3.8.21 which supports 6LowPAN via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Both of them features Open WRT routers as a very good solution for … Continue reading

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Iperf 是一个网络性能测试工具。Iperf可以测试TCP和UDP带宽质量。Iperf可以测量最大TCP带宽,具有多种参数和UDP特性。Iperf可以报告带宽,延迟抖动和数据包丢失。 功能介绍TCP 测量网络带宽 报告MSS/MTU值的大小和观测值 支持TCP窗口值通过套接字缓冲 当P线程或Win32线程可用时,支持多线程。客户端与服务端支持同时多重连接 UDP 客户端可以创建指定带宽的UDP流 测量丢包 测量延迟 支持多播 当P线程可用时,支持多线程。客户端与服务端支持同时多重连接(不支持Windows)在适当的地方,选项中可以使用K(kilo-)和M(mega-)。例如131072字节可以用128K代替。可以指定运行的总时间,甚至可以设置传输的数据总量。在报告中,为数据选用最合适的单位。服务器支持多重连接,而不是等待一个单线程测试。在指定时间间隔重复显示网络带宽,波动和丢包情况。服务器端可作为后台程序运行。服务器端可作为Windows 服务运行。使用典型数据流来测试链接层压缩对于可用带宽的影响。-f, –format [bkmaBKMA]$IPERF_FORMAT格式化带宽数输出。支持的格式有:‘b’ = bits/sec            ’B’ = Bytes/sec‘k’ = Kbits/sec           ’K’ = KBytes/sec‘m’ = Mbits/sec           ’M’ = MBytes/sec‘g’ = Gbits/sec           ’G’ = GBytes/sec‘a’ = adaptive bits/sec   ’A’ … Continue reading

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终于在Linux下找到SecureCRT的替代品了,那就是PAC !

PAC is a Perl/GTK Gnome replacement for SecureCRT/Putty/etc… It provides a GUI to configure SSH/Telnet connections: users, passwords, EXPECT regular expressions, macros, etc. You like ‘SSHMenu’? If so, you must check this tool. PAC Manager Features * Unique linux app … Continue reading

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