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How to use H-JTAG to flash Imote2

新版的H-JTAG通过JTAG烧写FLASH的速度很快,之前苦于不知道Imote2上FLASH的型号,一直没有烧写成功。今天在用JFlash烧写时发现了Imote2所用的FLASH型号为28F256L18B,是一个16bit 32M大小的NOR FLASH,接上我自制的带两个单独RST信号的Wiggler电缆,终于可以成功发现并烧写Imote2上的FLASH,可以烧写bootloader,linux kernel和file system,只要填入适当的Dst Address即可,为uboot的移植迈出了坚实的一步。现在把H-JTAG的配置文件PXA271+28F256L18B.hfc文件贴上来: FLASH SECTION: INTEL 28F256L18B MEMORY SECTION: 16-BIT X 1-CHIP 0x0 0x5C000000 XTAL SECTION: NULL TCK SECTION: 13 1 SCRIPT SECTION: PGMOPTION SECTION: ENABLE_VERIFICATION2 ADDON SECTION: NULL 配置好ADS和H-JTAG就可以用AXD调试Uboot了。

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OE for Imote2 Extraction error while building expat 的解决方法

参考: 原文摘录如下: Error #1: Extraction error while building expat OE Message:ERROR: ‘/home/maltanar/oe/openemb’ failed Digging down a bit further reveals NOTE: Unpacking ../../sources/expat-2.0.1.tar.gz to ../../tmp/minimal/ gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data–crc error This is a known bug in the current gzip … Continue reading

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How to build JTAG tools for Imote2 on linux

Imote 2 memory organization Element Address Sectors Blob 0 0-4 Kernel 0x40000 5-20 Filesystem 0x240000 21-258 The following instruction works with the Amontec JTAGkey, USB JTAG cable from Olimex and with OpenJTAG under Linux. The Amontec JTAGkey is available from … Continue reading

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How to cross compile Zigbee-linux user tools for Imote2 linux

First, thanks to kunling ma <>. With his help, I can make it !Since IEEE 802.15.4 protocol merged into mainline kernel, we need user space tools to test our device and Zigbee protocol on our Imote2 development board. We should … Continue reading

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(转)PXA310 平台上的浮点数支持方案研究

原文链接: 这两天发现 PXA310 的浮点运算不如 OMAP2420, 研究发现 OMAP2420 支持硬件级 VFP, 而pxa310 不支持硬件级浮点数计算。 按照以前的做法,使用内核的 nwfpe(或者fastfpe)进行浮点运算模拟:系统运行时发现不支持的指令,于是进入中断陷入序列,然后跳到nwfpe的软件模拟函数中执行浮点运算,然后返回。 新的 gcc(EABI版本)则支持直接嵌入浮点模拟运算,从而节省了状态切换的时间。 Gcc 的 –mfloat-abi=soft 表示使用gcc内嵌软件模拟。 Softfp 以及 hard 则表示生成硬件 vfp 指令。其中 softfp 可以和使用soft编译的二进制进行连接,而hard则要求所有代码使用。 从而: 如果系统硬件支持 VFP, 则使用-mfloat-abi=softfp, 如果硬件不支持 VFP, 则使用-mfloat-abi=soft 另外: 最新gcc 针对 PXA CPU会产生更加优化的浮点运算指令,需要使用 … Continue reading

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Connecting Imote2 via SSH over main board USB

This article refer to the minimum you’ll probably need to connect via serial to the usb port on the debug board(DXC-600) and run.. #ssh-keygen -b 1024 -t rsa1 -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key -N "" #ssh-keygen -b 1024 -t rsa -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key … Continue reading

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Setting up USBnet

This article is based on Platform X The Linux kernel has a class of drivers called USB Gadgets ( that allow you to use USB as a transport for a number of different protocols like serial, virtual file systems, and … Continue reading

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