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Build LoRaWAN Gateway with Ci40 and iC880a

In this post I will show you how to setup an OpenWRT based LoRaWAN gateway with Ci40 and iC880a. It has a user-friedly interface to config parameters. #Hareware# IMST iC880a SPI concentrator board Pigtail for antenna Ci40 Power Supply 2A … Continue reading

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Meet /etc/preinit again

*/etc/preinit is the init program after Linux kernel booted. It is briefly introduced in OpenWRT/LEDE: System Boot Sequence. This time I will meet it again and dive into it to search some internals. As a reference, the code of preinit … Continue reading

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iC880A LoRaWAN Gateway with Ci40

with my lora-feed I am working on LuCi web interface to config the gateway. I will show it later.

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WPAN support for netifd

netifd is an RPC-capable daemon written in C for better access to kernel APIs with the ability to listen on netlink events. Netifd has replaced the old OpenWrt-network configuration scripts, the actual scripts that configured the network e.g., /lib/network/.sh /lib/netifd/proto/.sh … Continue reading

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[802.15.4 Linux] Add BEE click board support for Ci40

This post will briefly introduces how to add support of BEE click board for IMG ci40 board. BEE Click is an accessory board in mikroBUS form factor. It features 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 radio transceiver module MRF24J40MA. This module includes … Continue reading

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OpenWRT/LEDE: System Boot Sequence

In this article I will try to summary and analyze the boot sequnece of OpenWRT system in details. Hardware ci40 Software OpenWRT for ci40 You may find difference amound different OpenWRT version and LEDE. But I believe that it won’t … Continue reading

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