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iC880A LoRaWAN Gateway with Ci40

with my lora-feed I am working on LuCi web interface to config the gateway. I will show it later. Advertisements

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[Dissecting OpenWRT]#2: netifd – main()

netifd is an RPC-capable daemon written in C for better access to kernel APIs with the ability to listen on netlink events. In this series serveral articles will be written introduce the internal of netifd which is a core componet … Continue reading

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ARMADA 388 ClearFog: Add uboot-tools and fw_env.config

Clearfog Pro has a SD card slot which stores U-boot, device tree blob, Linux kernel and file system. We could modify the uboot paramenters directly from U-boot shell or from the userspace application called uboot-envtools. The uboot-envtools reads config file … Continue reading

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ARMADA 388 Clearfog: Device Tree Inheritance

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“New OpenWRT Series” #1: Setting up OpenWRT (Chaos Calmer) for Arduino Yún

The latest OpenWRT release (Chaos Calmer) has already there for a long time. It ships with Linux kernel version 3.8.21 which supports 6LowPAN via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Both of them features Open WRT routers as a very good solution for … Continue reading

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Add nRF51822 AKII to nRF51 SDK 8.1.0 and above

nRF51822 AKII platform is a clone of Nordic official nRF51822-EK (PCA10001) evaluation board, but ships with more features, such as MPU6050 which combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer on the same silicon die together with an onboard Digital … Continue reading

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I am back

I am back

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