[Dissecting OpenWRT]#1: Preface

From today I would like to start a new series (挖坑) called “Dissecting OpenWRT” (深入浅出 OpenWRT). Unlike other tutorials about OpenWRT, this new series will try to dissect OpenWRT from a developer’s point of view. It will focus on the implementation of OpenWRT core components, such as ubus, procd, netifd and luci. I hope that with the help of this new series, people will not only understand the insider but also know how to extend OpenWRT.

1. https://clockworkbird9.wordpress.com/2016/09/29/openwrtlede-system-boot-sequence/

1. https://clockworkbird9.wordpress.com/2017/02/05/openwrtlede-wifi-statup-process/

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