[802.15.4 Linux] CC2420 driver

This is a deprecated cc2420 driver for Linux 802.15.4 and it is developed based on Imote2 platform.

Because I do not have any Imote2 or cc2420 boards. I can not continue maintain this driver.

Any Donation of cc2420 or Imote2 boards are welcome, thus I could try to push this driver to mainline.


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5 Responses to [802.15.4 Linux] CC2420 driver

  1. muddogxp says:

    Any well worked 802.15.4 radio USB dongle on Linux PC? Could you please recommend?


    • Hello Muddogxp,

      Thank you for your comment.

      As far as I know, the only working USB dongle on Linux PC is ATUSB. I have bought two and they are working well. Unfortunately it is not produced any more.
      You can find a full list of Linux supported hardwares in http://wpan.cakelab.org/.

      Another good candidate is cc2531 USB dongle which is cheap and widely used as sniffer. I have plan to write a new firmware to support Linux 802.15.4 stack.


      Xue Liu

  2. Stefan Schmidt says:

    We finally managed to make the ATUSB dongles available again: http://shop.sysmocom.de/products/atusb

  3. Stefan Schmidt says:

    Xue, I still remember this cc2420 driver from the times I did my study thesis. 🙂 I never got the state machine for the tx/rx loop correctly working with the SPI interface of the PXA on the imote2. Gave up and went with the ATUSBs. 🙂

    There should be cc2420 module available at Aliexpress whioch you could hook up to a SPI port. If you are willing to work on a mainline driver for this I would be happy to order you the cc2420 and a USB dongle with the cc2531 plus flasher from Aliexpress and send it to you. Contact me directly if you are interested.

    • Hello Schmidt, thanks very much for your reply. I have read your thesis :). ATUSB is good and I have odered two from a chinses developer from Qi team. Now I am using it to test MCR20A driver.

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